What 500 people say about true crime

We asked self described true crime enthusiasts about how and why they are so interested in the genre. Wanting to know how people consume information and gather details about cold cases, we asked a series of questions in a public survey and 500 people (and counting) raised their hand to tell us more.

The responses from all over the US—and a few folks from across the pond—that provided a detailed snapshot of our community blew away us. Over 500 people respondedand are continuing to complete the survey. You shared what inspired you, where you gathered information and what would move you to take the next step to help the families of missing or murdered loved ones.

We heard you when you said:

  • “I would definitely already be willing; I just wouldn't know where to start!”

  • “Knowing my own potential to help and being armed with tools to help without disrupting ongoing investigation”

  • “Being able to identify clear opportunities to gather information that (I) was not looking into.”

  • “Feeling like I could make a meaningful contribution to it. Is there a path to get my research to someone who could affect the outcome?”

We took notice when:

  • 89% of those surveyed said that they look for additional info on cases on more than one platform.

  • 62% of people say they would take action by collaborating with others if they knew the victim.

  • On average, true crime and cold case info comes from 4 to 5 sources with podcasts and documentaries leading in popularity.

Check out the infographic below for full details:

In 2019 we asked 500 people what they thought about true crime.

All of this great data is helping us shape the Uncovered platform. We're creating a resource for us, Citizen Detectives (and those in training), by us (those consuming info on cold cases and true crime).

Join us and stay up-to-date on our progress and be part of its creation—we want to hear from you!

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