Upcoming Cases to be Uncovered

Our team has been working on the Uncovered case rubric, looking at several factors to determine the next set of cases to visualize for you and others still searching for answers in these cold cases. 

Keep in mind, this is just our next batch to be visualized, we're always growing our case list. With your help, we'll grow our community and help uncover answers in the more than 200,000 cold cases in the U.S.

Asha Degree

20 years ago, a vibrant 9-year-old North Carolina girl went missing in the middle of the night. On an anniversary year, fresh eyes could mean new leads.

Libby German & Abby Williams

A local case for us that has been perplexing authorities and the public since 2017—but on the cusp of being solved with the help of the public.

Brian Shaffer

Could this disappearance be at the hands of a serial killer? 14 years later, his family is still wondering if the grainy CCTV will be the last time they see him.

Christopher Dansby & Shane Walker

Most recently covered by the second season of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries, these two little boys went missing from an NYC playground months apart under nearly identical circumstances.

Kendrick Johnson

We first heard about this case on MFM, and we're still talking about how the tragic and mysterious death of a Georgia high school student doesn't add up.

Maura Murray

A mysterious disappearance in New Hampshire from 2004, this case is one a lot of true crime buffs have theories on. Because this case has been covered extensively, we know visually building this case out will add an extra element to help Citizen Detectives in a novel way.

Do you have questions about these cases? Do you have your own theories? What resources would help in Citizen Detective work? Let us know what you think—we want to hear it all! We also want to hear what cases you'd like to see

While you're here, we want to know: what is your true crime superpower? Are you a whiz at online searching? Have you listened to every podcast on a certain case? Maybe you know the Dark Triad forward and backward, clean up at true crime trivia night, or perhaps you've mastered the r/UnresolvedMysteries Reddit board? Let us know. Your feedback will help us provide resources to better serve you!


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