Building community with true crime in the pandemic

This weekend will see hundreds of folks from all over meet up digitally for a full day to talk true crime, cold cases, unsolved mysteries, and everything in between. Crime Con will take on a digital footprint by hosting House Arrest. Usually, this convention is in person and over multiple days, in cities like Indianapolis, Nashville—Orlando was on tap to host 2020. But, like most things affected by COVID-19, Crime Con will be online.

A packed-full lineup for the event includes speakers, demonstrations and the ever popular podcaster row—thought what that will look like virtually is part of the draw at this point. Our team is excited to see some of our fave's make the list like Karyn Greer of CSI Atlanta, and Paul Holes and Billy Jensen of... nearly everything, but their podcast Murder Squad is in our heavy rotation at the moment.

What could pair better with a Saturday full of an interactive true crime conference than a weighted blanket and ID streaming in the background? Uncovered's Citizen Detective guide, of course.

We believe that through collective impact, we can uncover information that might lead to the next big break in the case. This starts with an engaged community, interested in finding accurate information and details on cold casesaka thoughtful online sleuthing. We've compiled a guide to help you sharpen your skills, download it today to build your digital toolkit and moving up in the detective ranks.

We also want to know Let us know what cases are you following? We're visualizing cases daily and we need your input, insights and interests. We'll be adding six news cases shortly, but building the Uncovered platform and community relies on engaged digital volunteers and amazing citizen solversjust like you!

together we can build a community

Our team is taking publicly available data and creating timelines, pulling maps, organizing sources, and visualizing cold cases for more eyes and collective impact.

Invite your friends to join us. Click here to send your partner in true crime an email letting them know about Uncovered and the work we are doing, or copy and paste the code below into your web browser to generate an email. Collective impact matters in finding answers. We can do it together—help us build the Uncovered community.



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