Five new cases to be Uncovered

Our latest release of visualized cold cases includes cases you may have heard of, and some you may not. Either way, these cases all deserve attention, and your attention could make a difference.

With your help, we'll grow our community and help uncover answers in the more than 200,000 cold cases in the U.S. Please help us visualize other cases that need more eyes.

Faith Hedgepeth

On her way to becoming part of the nation's oldest and largest Native-American sorority, Faith was found by her roommate brutally murdered in their shared apartment. Detectives are trying to leverage forensic science, technology and recent developments to uncover answers in Faith's case.

Sage Smith

9 years ago, a vibrant 19-year-old Virginia woman went missing after meeting up with an online date. First classified as missing, Sage's case is now deemed a homicide. Fresh eyes could mean new leads.

Brian Shaffer

After a night spent at a local bar with friends, Brian all but completely disappeared. 15 years later, his family is still wondering if the grainy CCTV will be the last time they see him.

—but on the cusp of being solved with the help of the public.

Jody LeCornu

Jody’s case has sat cold and, it seems, been stagnant for more than 25 years—except for the efforts of her twin sister to keep the case alive and before the public.

Brianna Maitland

After clocking out after her shift at a local Vermont restaurant, Brianna's light green 1985 Oldsmobile Sedan 88 Royale would be found backed into an abandoned farmhouse not too far away with its headlights still on. With no Brianna in sight, her case is still unsolved more than 16 years later.

Could you help uncover answers in these cases? Do you have questions about these cases? Do you have your own theories? What resources would help in Citizen Detective work? Let us know what you think—we want to hear it all!

The outpouring of support from the cold case community underscores the need for a platform like Uncovered. A way to connect accurate information with those wanting to consume content in a thoughtful way, a way that activates Citizen Detectives, and elevates the cases that don't get the media attention that can make an impact in getting justice and bringing peace and closure to the families of the murdered and missing.

If you agree with us, that it's time to do something that matters. Please add to our cold case list, learn how your special skills and true crime superpowers can help others. Join us!

together we can build a community

Our team is taking publicly available data and creating timelines, pulling maps, organizing sources, and visualizing cold cases for more eyes and collective impact.

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